Kickstarter Projects: Technology: Software

Regular Expression Laptop Stickers & Video GuideA collection of 8 high-quality vinyl laptop stickers featuring regular expressions + a video guide explaining regular Robert Elder

MINPAS: Environmental APPsProtect the environment by learning, designing and Amedeo Minischetti

Amitai Sela Programming TutorialsComputer Programming Tutorialsby Amitai Sela

Noblic EngineMaking a simplest game engine on React Native for beginners and professional Andy Remi

SecondYou Go – Real Estate Virtual Assistant ApplicationSecondYou GO is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant application. It allows you to request 26 different tasks 24/ Nick Mowery

SatPlannerSatPlanner is essentially a productivity tool. Extremely useful for people that need to deal with long tasks with many Roberto

ExpertThe Expert Mobile App will link finders to available workers at a reasonable Ayodeji Ajani

Branch – vote locally with confidenceA free, nonpartisan website that informs you on state and local Walter Ley and 347 backers

Complete Excel, Python and Machine Learning eDegree for AllExcel programming, fundamentals, VBA, Python, machine learning, Amazon Honeycode and Mammoth Interactive and 1,260 backers

Data Science and Engineering E-DegreeBuild your career in Data Science using tools like Python, Excel, R, Tableau, MySQL, Kafka and multiple hands-on Eduonix Learning Solutions and 106 backers

Add Android Support for the Slate WYSIWYG EditorAdd Android Support for the Open Source WYSIWYG Editor Slate for JavaScript/TypeScriptby Sunny Hirai and 23 backers

Cppcheck variable constraintsAllow user to configure custom constraints for variables. Those will be checked and used in bug Daniel Marjamäki and 17 backers

Cppcheck: Clang importCppcheck: Clang importby Daniel MarjamäkiSEK 4,779pledged238%funded12days to goSoftwareEskilstuna, Sweden

Learn 3D & Graphic Designs from Beginning to Advanced Levels

Learn 3D & Graphic Designs from Beginning to Advanced Levelslearn 3D and Graphic Designs Programs (Zbrush, Maya 3d, 3d max, Cinema 4d, V-Ray Render, After effects, and Photoshop)by Unleash Your creativity€201pledged4%funded17days to goSoftwareMilan, Italy

Develop Node JS REST API With AWS Serverless Aurora & Lambda

Develop Node JS REST API With AWS Serverless Aurora & LambdaCreate Secure REST API within a day using Node JS with AWS Serverless Aurora & Lambdaby OnexlabS$ 122pledged4%funded36days to goSoftwareSingapore, Singapore

TripDoodler: A New Way To Travel

TripDoodler: A New Way To TravelA new travel platform with a planning tool that empowers travelers to build and share itinerariesby Josephine Piplits€18,669pledged78%funded6days to goSoftwareCopenhagen, Denmark

Elros: P2P Social Publishing Protocol

Elros: P2P Social Publishing ProtocolA content distribution protocol that implements ownership of Yama Otoyamoto$816pledged1%funded33days to goSoftwareNew York, NY

Open Source Sciter Engine

Open Source Sciter EngineEmbeddable HTML/CSS/Script Engine for Desktop, Mobile and IoT Software Andrew Fedoniouk (a.k.a. c-smile)CA$ 5,875pledged4%funded4days to goSoftwareVancouver, Canada


Play.Play. makes it easy to bring sports communities Kelsey$1pledged0%funded16days to goSoftwareLos Angeles, CA

Am I Bormal?

Am I Bormal?Fostering better relationships between people – www.amibormal.comby Yujian Tang$1,898pledged21%funded27hours to goSoftwareSeattle, WA

Conspiron: Be The Change

Conspiron: Be The ChangeOpen source web application providing a decentralized platform to facilitate positive change through cooperationby Blake Glanville$1,271pledged1%funded7days to goSoftwareAlsea, OR

iconHub: Integrated CRM and Project Platform

iconHub: Integrated CRM and Project PlatformiconHub: the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team, customers, and Iconnic Solutions£23,701pledged29%funded4days to goSoftwareLondon, UK

New age SNS project Automatic video editing app

New age SNS project Automatic video editing appDevelopment of automatic video editing application using AI. It is a project to create a new form of SNS and evolve the Saura¥109pledged0%funded19days to goSoftwareHamamatsu-shi, Japan

Revolution Travel CRM

Revolution Travel CRMThe ‘All-Inclusive’ Tool for the Thriving Travel Agentby Sean MillsCA$ 251pledged5%funded18days to goSoftwareMilton, Canada

Virtual Reality Course for BeginnersCreate your own VR experiencesby Mario Pochat and 8 backers

NovelBase - The Future of Novel Writing

NovelBase – The Future of Novel WritingA software that revolutionizes writing through mnemonics, story immersion, and passive character NovelBase and 61 backers

Code and Get Hired - Complete 2020 Learn to Code Guide 💪

Code and Get Hired – Complete 2020 Learn to Code GuidePython, JavaScript & More Programming Languages, Data Science & Machine Learning Interview Questions to Help You Survive the Recessionby Mammoth Interactive and 194 backers

AI in Sports with Python (video course)

AI in Sports with PythonA video training course on AI in Sports with Python. Learn and apply Artificial Intelligence with fun Kevin Ashley and 113 backers

Full-Stack Web Applications with Firebase

Full-Stack Web Applications with FirebaseWith this course, you are going to learn how to create and launch applications extremely quickly using Full-Stack Code Camp and 26 backers

Diagnose buffer overflow CVE

Diagnose buffer overflow CVEFind real software vulnerability that is not diagnosed by Cppcheck yet and ensure that will be foundby Daniel Marjamäki and 16 backers

Babu Frik, make your KIJIMI sing in Sith!

Babu Frik, make your KIJIMI sing in Sith!An open-source software editor to program and explore the sonic possibilities of Black Corporation’s KIJIMI 8-voice analog Frederic Font and 38 backers

The Complete AWS Machine Learning Course. Learn to Code

The Complete AWS Machine Learning Course. Learn to CodeStuck at home? Learn hireable skills in this complete guide to AWS SageMaker, AI and Certified Machine Learning with Mammoth Interactive and 208 backers

Two Bees

Two BeesOnline Court costs calculator for New Zealandby Steve Keall and 20 backers

Trender: A Dream Forex Investment System For NINJAs

Trender: A Dream Forex Investment System For NINJAs”100% winning anomalies system in FOREX” for dreaming investorsby Ken and 16 backers

Zero Codes Recharged - DIY app builder, apps made by you!

Zero Codes Recharged – DIY app builder, apps made by you!With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps and now we are going to improve it even more! Join us and enjoy the new way!by The Zero Codes Company and 308 backers

Cybersecurity E-Degree

Cybersecurity E-DegreeMaster the concepts of White Hat Hacking, Penetration Testing, Cloud & Network Security and Become a Professional Cybersecurity Expertby Eduonix Learning Solutions and 229 backers

Squawk Squad - Global Change Education Product

Squawk Squad – Global Change Education Product”Think Global, Act Local”: raising a nation of kaitiaki through environmental learning adventures focused on solving global challenges!by Squawk Squad and 247 backers

Python 101 2nd Edition

Python 101 2nd EditionLearn the Python programming language from front to backby Mike Driscoll and 494 backers

Image-resizing in anki

Image-resizing in ankiAnki: Create an add-on allowing to resize images in the note editor. Voted feature the most wanted by Anki Arthur Milchior and 27 backers

enOcean Adapter Erweiterung - für ioBroker

enOcean Adapter Erweiterung – für ioBrokerMein Ziel ist die Erweiterung des enOcean Adapters, für das Projekt ioBroker, um die Möglichkeit Daten zu Christoph Gerle and 19 backers

Finnhub - Free Stock API for Investors

Finnhub – Free Stock API for InvestorsFree stock API to access real-time market data, institutional-grade fundamental and alternative data to supercharge your SpencerSS and 6 backersProject We LoveRewritten add-ons for Mozilla Thunderbird’s next releaseThunderbird is changing, and add-ons must change with itby Jonathan Kamens and 2,343 backers

Regular Expressions Magnet Collection & Guide

Regular Expressions Magnet Collection & GuideA collection of fridge magnets featuring common regular expressions + a guide that explains regular expressions from the ground Robert Elder and 180 backers

Q — Sacred Geometry Drawing Software

Q — Sacred Geometry Drawing Softwarefor Windows & Macby Scott Onstott and 27 backers

Kom-Unity : A Platform to build trust in the neighborhood

Kom-Unity : A Platform to build trust in the neighborhoodSharing home cooked food to build trust in the communitiesby Amal Sastry and Neil Gupta and 154 backers

VizHub Launch

VizHub LaunchAn online platform for learning, practicing, and teaching data visualization with Web Curran Kelleher and 29 backers

Software verification 1

Software verification 1Speedup development of software verification; division by zeroby Daniel Marjamäki and 17 backers

Symfony 5: The Fast Track

Symfony 5: The Fast TrackA step by step book about writing applications with Symfony 5by Fabien Potencier and 663 backers

Project for developing “Online School for DORAYAKI”We will provide online lessons for how to make Dorayaki by yourself so that you can start Dorayaki business./英語のどら焼きオンラインスクール教材開発by Mika Wada and 32 backers

UPtick: Makes you business-smart

UPtick: Makes you business-smartLearn the fundamentals of new Business models and download customized financial model templatesby Yoda Learning Solutions and 107 backersProject We LoveAuxbus Connect: Easy Podcast InterviewsRecord podcast interviews or join your co-host, anywhere, with ease – without losing quality!by Auxbus and 27 backers

Advanced Python Videos by Socratica

Advanced Python Videos by Socratica20 Advanced Lessons in Python Programmingby Socratica Studios and 833 backers

Improve Misra checking 2

Improve Misra checking 2Add 2 more Misra C 2012 rules in the “Standard libraries” categoryby Daniel Marjamäki and 8 backers

Unreal Game Developer: Beginner and Multiplayer Masterclass

Unreal Game Developer: Beginner and Multiplayer MasterclassLearn video game development and how to build impressive games from scratch with the Unreal Mammoth Interactive and 119 backers

Zero Code Apps Overload - DIY app builder, apps made by you!

Zero Code Apps Overload – DIY app builder, apps made by you!With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps and now we are going to improve it even more! Join us and enjoy the new way!by The Zero Codes Company and 290 backers

Machine Learning in JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

Machine Learning in JavaScript for Absolute BeginnersA book and associated set of tutorial videos to teach JavaScript developers Machine Learning using TensorFlow.jsby Asim Hussain and 197 backers

Sewasew - The indigenous knowledge platform!

Sewasew – The indigenous knowledge platform!An easy-to-use multilingual online platform whereby people of Africa can curate, share and consume content!by Team Sewasew and 87 backers

Linux command-line Data Science - Laptop Stickers & Magnets

Linux command-line Data Science – Laptop Stickers & MagnetsAn Introductory Guide to Data Science Using the Linux command-line + Stickers & Fridge Magnetsby Robert Elder and 16 backers

#SaveTheData - Digital Open Source Data Visualization

#SaveTheData – Digital Open Source Data VisualizationAccessible for everyone – even non-techsby Datasketch and 270 backersProject We LoveCampfire Blaze – Writing Software for StorytellersCreate and interweave characters, locations, maps, and plotlines into a seamless narrative that’s ready to be Campfire Technology and 378 backers

Intello: Canada's Bookkeeping Software

IntelloBookkeeping software for Canadian self-employedby David Filewich and 47 backers

Cppcheck 5259

Cppcheck 5259Detect more uninitialized variable usage, fix ticket 5259by Daniel Marjamäki and 15 backers

The Voynich Experience

The Voynich ExperienceA customized viewer to experience the Voynich manuscript images like a real book, only Paul Sellards and 38 backers

Feathers UI: Cross-platform components for Haxe and OpenFL

Feathers UI: Cross-platform components for Haxe and OpenFLBuild user interfaces for games, interactive visualizations, and rich multimedia experiences on mobile, desktop, web, and game consolesby Feathers UI and 94 backers

Personal Values Assessment

Personal Values AssessmentAn online assessment to help you explore your personal values. Based on the Theory of Basic Human Values pioneered by Shalom Jacob Morris and 204 backers

Math For Games - Game Development Fundamentals

Math For Games – Game Development FundamentalsA online series teaching math with game development. Foundations of physics, procedural generation, graphics, stats, performance & moreby Ben Tristem and 1,174 backers

Create Heavy-Duty Augmented Reality 20x Faster & Easier

Heavy-Duty Augmented Reality 20x Faster-No Coding RequiredJoin SimplifyXR’s Evolution – a proven AR development tool for non-programmers – as we add new capabilities!by AVATAR Partners and 54 backers

Shela - Self Help Employment Link App (Technology)

Shela – Self Help Employment Link App (Technology)Send personal video applications directly to potential recruiters, book face to face interviews and get hired via Ged Alexander and 49 backers

Improve Misra checking

Improve Misra checkingAdd one more MISRA rule in Cppcheck; unused function return valueby Daniel Marjamäki and 14 backers Control anything with voice commands Control anything with voice commandsgBridge’s open interface allows you to integrate Google Home™ and Alexa easily in your Smart Peter Kappelt and 26 backers

Zero Code Apps Reloaded - DIY app builder, apps made by you!

Zero Code Apps Reloaded – DIY app builder, apps made by you!With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps and now we are going to improve it even more! Join us and enjoy the new way!by The Zero Codes Company and 360 backersProject We LoveCodeScty – Like Schoolhouse Rock for Computer ScienceCodeScty uses original hip hop music & videos to teach foundational computer science concepts to more diverse Armando Somoza and 524 backers

StreamPad: Soundpad App for Streamers

StreamPad: Soundpad App for StreamersA digital soundpad that looks and works like a real Mario Flores and 13 backers

Streamlabs Chatbot: Stréamon Script

Streamlabs Chatbot: Stréamon ScriptA Stréamon Script to be used within the Streamlabs Chatbot; It allows viewers to catch and train Stréamon, even battle other users!by Xailran and 21 backers

Junto - A New Breed Of Social Media

Junto – A New Breed Of Social MediaOur goal is to inspire authenticity and expression in its purest form. Consciously designed. Decentralized. Not for Junto and 678 backers

Improve your posture effortlessly with Brightday Software

Improve your posture effortlessly with Brightday SoftwareNo Gadgets. First ever AI-based posture software. Replace pain & fatigue with energy & confidence. Delivery: April 2019by Brightday Technologies, Inc. and 200 backers

Document Node - Fast, native, all-in-one writing tool.

Document Node – Fast, native writing & publishing tool.With distraction-free writing space and instant online publishing, Document Node is the simplest tool for blogging and Jiakuan (Jake) Wang and 49 backers

Create GUI Applications with Python / wxPython

Create GUI Applications with Python / wxPythonLearn wxPython by creating simple applications. You will also learn how to add new features and distribute your applicationsby Mike Driscoll and 451 backers

HERMES Mail/X: A continuation of Eudora in Cocoa for the Mac

HERMES Mail/X: A continuation of Eudora in Cocoa for the MacAn eMail client built for power users from the ground up, written in 100% Cocoa and inspired by HERMES Mail and Eudora for Nicholas Edward Werner-Matavka and 28 backers

Zero Code Apps - DIY app builder, apps made by you!

Zero Code Apps – DIY app builder, apps made by you!Creating a simple but powerful site where everyone will be able to create and publish mobile apps. Join us and enjoy the new way!by The Zero Codes Company and 246 backers

erxes Inc - Open Source Growth Marketing Platform

erxes Inc – Open Source Growth Marketing PlatformOpen Source Growth Marketing platform that replaces Hubspot with a mission and community-driven Mendjargal Amartaivan and 14 backers

Software Architecture: The Art Of Engineering Your Code

Software Architecture: The Art Of Engineering Your CodeMaster the art of engineering your code. Scale your effort by transforming your development Knight’s Tour and 46 backers

Personalized Health & Nutrition Coach Powered by Your DNA

Personalized Health & Nutrition Coach Powered by Your DNAA revolutionary new approach to highly personalized health, nutrition & wellness for you & your Gini Health Inc. and 206 backers

BlenderXR - Modeling features development

BlenderXR – Modeling features developmentBlenderXR is an open source project initiated by MARUI-PlugIn to develop a VR/AR user interface for MARUI-PlugIn and 59 backers

Square Panda Phonics System 2.0 for Kids Learning to Read

Square Panda Phonics System 2.0 for Kids Learning to ReadAn Award-Winning and certified Learning System! Grounded in cognitive developmental research and delivers promising results!by Square Panda and 300 backers

Modulz—The next step in visual coding

Modulz—The next step in visual codingThe visual code editor for designing and building digital products—without writing Stephen Haney and 394 backers

Data Science Mini-Degree 📈 Learn Python and Data Analysis

Data Science Mini-Degree – Learn Python and Data Analysis🔥 Go From Beginner to Data Scientist – Learn Python, SQL Databases, Web Scrapping, Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization 📊by Zenva and 441 backers

📜🎨🤖 Quickstarter: A Genealogy of Public Street Art

��� Quickstarter: A Genealogy of Public Street ArtUsing machine learning to document all unique street art in the world and create a genealogy of all publicly visible mediaby Leonard Bogdonoff and 15 backers

Let's Pair!

Let’s Pair!A set of zines about pair programming, an artsy print of a framework to help you get going & a plushy pear to be your pairing Marlena Compton and 138 backers

Hermes - Eudora's Next Generation

Hermes – Eudora’s Next GenerationResurrect the popular Eudora eMail client as an open-source project compatible with modern security – re-named Hermes (legal reasons)by Nicholas Edward Werner-Matavka and 78 backers

Openbook | Privacy-friendly, fun & honest social network.

Openbook | Privacy-friendly, fun & honest social network.We are a team of information security experts, engineers, designers and activists building what’s next for social Joel Levi Hernández Fernández and 1,788 backers

Technical Analysis Pattern Scanner for Retail Traders

Technical Analysis | Harmonic Pattern Scanner for TradersWe are building the most powerful Technical Analysis Pattern Scanner for retail traders starting at ONLY $12.99/month!by Tri and 19 backers

Jupyter Notebook 101

Jupyter Notebook 101Learn everything you need to know to use Jupyter Notebooks Mike Driscoll and 299 backers

Study Streak: A Gaming Solution To Educational Inequality

Study Streak: A Gaming Solution To Educational InequalityWe change the way students learn by making learning a game they want to play – think Need for Speed meets Bode Bamkole and 54 backersProject We LoveQuickstarter: File Stapler – a handy desktop toolA tiny open source digital tool that staples files together, to help you organize your messy Peter Marigold and 581 backersProject We LoveBarrett Brown’s Pursuance ProjectWe’re building encrypted software to amplify the efforts of activists, journalists, & nonprofits — anyone fighting for social Barrett Brown and 677 backers

Your Own AI|Powered With Ease|Current Version Available NowAcquire any skill. Engage your entire network. Own, protect and monetize your information. Take control of your digital Dragan Kopunović and 43 backers

Planet X3 for MS-DOS

Planet X3 for MS-DOSPlanet X3 is a MS-DOS sequel to the popular Planet X2 that was released last year on the Commodore David Murray and 2,548 backers

TraceFree - The Very First Virtual Private Browser

TraceFree – Always safe, always private browsing.TraceFree is a browser specifically built for privacy that runs in the cloud giving you COMPLETE online privacy and TraceFree Corp. and 122 backers

Cyber Shield

Cyber ShieldDevelopment of a sandbox for everyone: secure surfing and e-mailing | Entwicklung einer Sandbox für alle: Sicheres Surfen und E-Mailenby Engelmann Software and 228 backers

Code it! - Spielend Programmieren lernen

Code it! – Spielend Programmieren lernenOnline-Programmierkurse für Kinder / Online coding courses for kidsby Code it! and 163 backers

MVP Finance – Know Your Finances, Better Your Future

MVP Finance – Know Your Finances, Better Your FutureMVP Finance is a revolutionary financial e-learning platform that combines education with gamification and Andre J Matip and 16 backers

Deep Learning Mini-Degree

Deep Learning Mini-DegreeMaster Machine Learning with Python and Tensorflow. Craft Advanced Artificial Neural Networks and Build Your Cutting-Edge AI Zenva and 251 backers

VirusBay 2.0

VirusBay 2.0We’re moving forward with our plan to make VirusBay the best malware research community in the world! It’s your chance take Dani Goland and 77 backers

Mitogen extension for Ansible

Mitogen extension for AnsibleDelivering truly light-speed Ansible in 2018by David Wilson and 58 backers

Hello Web App 2.0: Build Your First Web App with Django 2

Hello Web App 2.0: Build Your First Web App with Django 2An online course and book series to teach you how to code by building a web app using Python and Django. Updated for Tracy Osborn and 121 backers

Checketry - Download manager for everywhere

Checketry – Download manager for everywhereChecketry is a download manager that lets users track download progress from one device on Checketry and 16 backers

The Pocketmod

The PocketmodThe PM website has served us well over the years, but its getting outdated & and starting to break. It’s time to give PM an update!by Pocketmod and 137 backers

Allwinner VPU support in the official Linux kernel

Allwinner VPU support in the official Linux kernelDeveloping and upstreaming complete Linux support for the Allwinner VPU, for hardware accelerated video decoding and Bootlin and 428 backers


xcp-ngFree/libre and 100% community backed version of XenServerby Olivier Lambert and 212 backers

Reportlab: PDF Processing with Python

Reportlab: PDF Processing with PythonLearn how to create PDFs using the popular Python programming language and the ReportLab toolkitby Mike Driscoll and 425 backers

Learn Real World Machine Learning By Building Projects

Learn Real World Machine Learning By Building ProjectsGet started with Machine Learning in no time by learning ML Algorithms & implementing it in live projects to solve real world problemsby Eduonix Learning Solutions and 410 backers

Meal With It Food Waste App

Meal With It Food Waste AppMeal With It is a company started by a group of teenagers who want to make positive change in the world. We have one goal. Be Meal With It and 13 backers

goVgo - The Vegan & Vegetarian Delivery Service

goVgo – The Vegan & Vegetarian Delivery ServiceOur ultimate dream is to be the number one delivery company for everything green, clean and Max Cramer and 44 backers

BezierCam Software

BezierCam SoftwareLight Machines 2.5D CNC CAD/CAM. Mainly developed for CNC HotWireCutters/Styrofoam-Cutters/Wire EDM Features for CNC Laser and Millby Artur and 30 backers

iA Writer: A focused writing app for Windows

iA Writer: A focused writing app for WindowsiA Writer removes distractions. Giving you a calm, focused, writing space, so you can express yourself iA Inc. and 823 backers

StayTogether with LocateMotion - An Affordable IoT Solution

StayTogether with LocateMotion – An Affordable IoT SolutionAffordable, simple, complete solution designed to take care of loved ones with Alzheimer, Dementia & Autism who are prone to wanderingby Nauman Jaffar and 23 backers

Mobile Machine Learning: The Complete Masterclass

Mobile Machine Learning: The Complete MasterclassBuild projects and apps driven by machine learning for Android in this massive online Mammoth Interactive and 911 backers

Data Boss: easily find all your files anytime, anywhere

DataBoss – the easiest ever media backup / quick search!The easiest way for you to save, search and instantly FIND all your info. Busy? Lazy? No-pain Data Management made enjoyable for you!by Alex PrimeHD and 44 backers

eelo, a mobile OS and web-services, in the public interest

eelo, a mobile OS and web-services, in the public interesteelo is creating a desirable, privacy-enabled and open source mobile operating system, and associated web Gaël Duval and 1,464 backers Masonic Social Network & Secretary Tool Masonic Social Network & Secretary ToolHeebu is a social network and lodge tool for regular Freemasons. Made by Freemasons and destined to Dennis Dewall and 55 backers

CHICAGO Metrics™

CHICAGO Metrics™We have proven our idea & are ready to move from spreadsheets to a SaaS platform to help IT and InfoSec leaders tell a better Edward and 4 backers

Daily Vibes

Daily VibesI am working on iOS app that will aid you in taking control of your life, one day at time through specific and measurable Alex Kluew and 9 backers


OpenVR-WalkInPlaceOpenVR-WalkInPlace is a OpenVR driver that applies virtual movement using a pedometer. I want to improve its accuracy and pottedmeat7 and 19 backersProject We LoveLitterati – A Mobile App to Track & Reduce LitterWe’re designing a mobile app that identifies, maps, and collects the litter we pick up as a Jeff Kirschner and 574 backers

AprendeApps Drag n' Drop Mobile App Creator

AprendeApps Drag n’ Drop Mobile App CreatorHelp us to grow our platform even more and be part of something great!by AprendeApps and 115 backers

EpiFinder: Seizure and Epilepsy Patient Portal App

EpiFinder: Seizure and Epilepsy Patient Portal AppProven tool that empowers people to take ownership of their health, connect with their doctor, advance epilepsy and neurology research!by Robert Yao and Neel Mehta and 46 backers

AssessLinkPE: The First 3D Movement Assessment

AssessLinkPE: The First 3D Movement AssessmentInnovative 3D Motion Capture Software for Physical Education Assessment and Sports Movement JB Starkey and 42 backers

Wiredelta - AI-powered Theme Recognition

Wiredelta – AI-powered Theme RecognitionUpload a screenshot or a URL of a website you like and get the most similar design template to use on your own siteby Wiredelta and 150 backers

Help us launch Simple Church Tools.

Help us launch Simple Church Tools.We are pastors building tools we wish existed and we are almost done with a sermon library tool that will blow you away. Help Ryan Hayden and 39 backersProject We LoveMONOLITH: Create Your Own BEAT-MACHINEMONOLITH enables you to create your own beat making environment by connecting modules. You can select your favorite modules NOEL-KIT and 61 backers

ACT - Buy back our future

ACT – Buy back our futureSave the planet one tomato at a time!by Thomas Jepsen and 69 backers

5 chromebooks for students with MUKTEK Scholarships

5 chromebooks for students with MUKTEK ScholarshipsLooking for $42,000 MXN (or 2,335 USD) to purchase 5 chromebook computers for students who receive our 95% scholarshipsby MUKTEK Academy and 44 backers

It's Magit! The magical Git client

It’s Magit! The magical Git clientMagit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows, which will help you become a more effective Git Jonas Bernoulli and 1,987 backers


ReferenceMEThe online repository for all of your professional Gerald & Chris and 39 backers

Longhorn PHP Conference

Longhorn PHP ConferenceA 2-day conference in Austin, Texas to help PHP developers level up their craft and connect with the larger PHP Longhorn PHP and 48 backers

AeroMouse v2 - 1st motion-only computer control system

AeroMouse v2 – 1st motion-only computer control systemNo buttons to click, no pad to tap: more comfort at pc!by Flavio Bassi and 4 backers

Camera Dictionary Mobile App

Camera Dictionary Mobile AppFind the meaning of an English word with your phone cameraby Cheewei and 1 backers

Augmented Reality AIR Native Extension

Augmented Reality AIR Native ExtensionWe’re going to make Augmented Reality available for AIR developers by building the AR AIR Native Joanne and 15 backers

Symbolicons Pro: Your friendly, versatile, go-to icon set.

Symbolicons Pro: Your friendly, versatile, go-to icon set.Over 6,000 thoughtfully designed icons that are perfect for UI design, website design, app design, and Jory Raphael and 709 backers

ScalaQuest - a game to learn Scala

ScalaQuest – the game to learn ScalaAn online game to learn Scala. Battle Goblins and Wizards and face all kinds of challenges while learning a new programming Alejandro and 301 backers

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App

How to Make a Freaking iPhone AppEver wanted to make an app? Now you can! I’m creating an online course to teach you how to make apps in a fun way! Swift 4 and Xcode 9by Nick Walter and 126 backers

The New and Improved Flask Mega-Tutorial

The New and Improved Flask Mega-TutorialI’m writing a revised and updated version of the Flask Mega-Tutorial for Python Miguel Grinberg and 569 backers

eksekyoot - A Product Development Platform for Makers

eksekyoot – A Product Development Platform for MakersIs your product ready for production? Learn where you stand on your development path and get insights to improve your product Sam and 15 backers


ArtiquillNatural Language Powered Grammar Correcting, Writer-Oriented, Editor & Writing Improvement App for Mac, Windows & Daniel Harris and 36 backersProject We LoveBeeScanningVarroa mites kills bees! BeeScanning reveals the parasite. Tells beekeeper to treat. Take picture with your phone, let the App Björn Lagerman and 317 backers

Rails Composer for Rails 5.1

Rails Composer for Rails 5.1Help us update a favorite tool of Rails developers and get professional Rails tutorials as Daniel Kehoe and 122 backers

qutebrowser v1.0 with per-domain settings

qutebrowser v1.0 with per-domain settingsqutebrowser is a keyboard-focused web browser. With this Kickstarter, I want to work full time on its new config and v1.0 Florian Bruhin and 195 backers

Angular 4 Mastery - Build 9 Apps

Angular 4 Mastery – Build 9 AppsBuild 9 applications while learning many advanced Angular features. Includes CRUD, Auth, Node.js, Firebase, Bootstrap and more!by Patrick Schroeder and 60 backers

Gadget - A VR interface library to give people superpowers

Gadget – A VR interface library to give people superpowersGadget saves you time by making it easy to add 3D drawing, world scaling, pointer menus, and object palettes to your Unity VR Mischa Fierer and 38 backers

Agility with Allen: The Whole Caboodle

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Carbon Footprint

How do I reduce my site’s carbon footprint?

Living and operating sustainably — as an individual and as an organization — is more than just recycling and eating better. If you’re operating a website, particularly if you’re a tech business, then your site has a carbon footprint that you need to pay attention to.

In 2010, the internet was already estimated to be emitting “around 300m tonnes of CO2 a year – as much as all the coal, oil and gas burned in Turkey or Poland, or more than half of the fossil fuels burned in the UK” (source: The Guardian). And that’s ten years ago.

In 2018 similar research showed the internet having a carbon footprint that is already larger than the global aviation industry. And that’s two years ago.

The internet’s illusion of cleanliness — created by our ever more polished and glossy cases and screens — masks the carbon spewing underbelly of our tech: data centers, routers, infrastructure, device charging, and cooling systems. Not to mention the actual production of all these devices.

So what do you do as a website owner? If you’re thinking that you want to reduce your site’s carbon footprint you’re thinking on the right track, and here we’ll show you a few pointers on how to do that.

In this post we’ll cover four key areas:

  1. Measurement (and offsetting)
  2. Hosting providers
  3. Site infrastructure
  4. User experience (and design)

Measurement (and offsetting)

We won’t go into a lot of detail on this topic because it will be covered in a separate, and more in-depth, post. But ultimately, if you want to optimize or reduce something, measuring a baseline is usually a good idea.

Currently its hard to get an accurate reading of the true carbon footprint of your site. Even more so if you’re running a fancy React (or similar) app.

However you can get a sense of how your site fares by simply plugging in your site URL into (which will also give you a few handy recommendations).

If you’re technically inclined you can delve a bit more deeply into your site’s footprint by using the open-source API the above tool is based on.

Although this approach is not super accurate, with some back-of-the-napkin math you can work out your site’s carbon footprint on a monthly basis. By simply multiplying the grams of CO2 your site emits per visit by the number of visits you have, you can easily get a ballpark figure of how much you should be offsetting.

Hosting providers

It will come as no surprise to you that your hosting provider is a big link in the carbon emission chain. In fact, where you host your site or app can have the biggest impact ultimately on your site’s footprint.

This is because for your site to be online, your hosting provider is using an array of machines and servers housed in data centers (typically) all over the globe. Each of these data centers uses vast amounts of electricity not just for keeping the lights on, but also for cooling (computers create a lot of heat).

So one of the biggest things you can do is switch to a “green” hosting provider. While we are not linking to any just yet (we are still vetting them) you can find a fair few from a simple search and the things you need to look out for are:

  • Energy sources. Are they using their own energy sources, are they using third-party renewable sources, or are they using coal- or oil-fired sources?
  • Cooling systems. Are their data centers located in areas naturally suited to cooling? Are they using natural cooling systems or are they using brute-force air-conditioning? Is their data center layout conducive to natural cooling?
  • Recycling approaches. Are they re-using the heat generated from their machines to power (or heat) other parts of their operation? Are they re-cooling their water and reusing it?
  • Organizational culture. As a company, are they genuinely committed to being carbon neutral? Do they offset their travel and promotional footprints or are they just greenwashing?

True green hosting services are likely to be more expensive than the cheapest you can find. But bear in mind that the expense there, is, well, offset by the fact that you will pay less in offsetting. (And of course you can sleep happier.)

Site infrastructure

With hosting out of the way, you should turn your attention to how your site is actually built and served. Put simply, the fewer requests and kilobytes your site needs to load on a user’s browser, the smaller its footprint.

This section is possibly the easiest for experienced designers and developers to understand intuitively because, luckily, the things that make a site “greener” are the same things that make a site faster. And we know that high-speed sites tend to perform better in terms of their effectiveness.

The things you should ask your designers and developers to look out for here are:

  • Making each page as small as possible. This includes things like removing unnecessary scripts, code, and html. Minifying external assets like CSS and JavaScript files. Reducing the number of requests by combining assets. And zipping or compressing assets where possible.
  • Aim for static HTML performance. A static HTML page is always better (carbon and speed) than one generated on-the-fly. While its not always possible to serve static HTML (ideal), you can implement clever caching strategies that approximate the effect.
  • Reduce and optimize API calls. This one sort of speaks for itself but, to summarize, each additional API call adds to your carbon footprint to reducing the total amount of requests, combining them, and reducing the amount of data transferred each time is important.
  • Image optimization. Try to use smaller images. This could be using SVGs instead of pixel-based formats, reducing the file size of photos, and not pre-loading too many images if they’re not necessary. (The same applies for video.)
  • Device awareness. When creating responsive versions of your site or app aim to reduce the assets and calls required as the device screen size reduces.

User Experience (and Design)

Finally we come to the actual design and user experience of the site. While this may at first seem far-removed from carbon footprints the truth is that they can both have a big impact.

On the design side, you have the following opportunities:

  • Use less images. Optimized images are great, but the best optimization is no image. Challenge your designers (or yourself) to achieve the same stunning visual effects without requiring vast amounts, or large, images.
  • Limit animation and auto-play. Videos are huge carbon sinks. Reducing animation, animated images (GIFs), and auto-playing videos will have a big positive effect on your site.
  • Reduce brightness. The brighter your site colors, the more electricity the user’s device requires. I don’t mean you should use black backgrounds, but even going from a bright white background to a light grey or pastel shade can help.

And lastly on the user experience side of site design, there are various factors you can pay attention to:

  • Information architecture. The less clicks a user needs to make to get to the most popular content, the less pages loads required, and consequently the less carbon emitted.
  • Simplification. Reducing the number of steps in any flow — search, signup, checkout, common tasks — directly impacts the number of page loads per user session.

Carbon Footprint

Why should I care about my site’s carbon emissions?

Good question. Chances are that if you’re reading this you already have a gut feeling that there’s a good reason to care. There’s a few different reasons that I personally thing are important. (And a few have direct business impact.)

Ultimately the main reason I think you should be caring is the same reason for which you should be caring about everything else: its good citizenship. We have ample evidence that carbon emissions change our environment for the worse and we’re already seeing direct effects of that change.

But let’s break that down into some specifics.

Personal and business ethics

Simply put, there is a good reason to care about the carbon emissions of all aspects of your personal life and business operations. From travel, commutes, and office or household operation to food production and clothing, everything can have a positive or negative impact.

If you simply think of carbon emissions as “littering” it might become easier to grasp. We tend to frown upon littering of any kind: be it simply throwing a wrapper away in the street or leaving a mess in the office toilets. There are good reasons for that including respect for co-workers and neighbours, creating or maintaining a good home or work environment, and basic hygiene.

Carbon emissions are a form of litter as well. Just because we don’t see them directly doesn’t make that any less true.

So just like after an expo or conference you clean up your shit, you should be cleaning up after yourself on the broader environmental level as well.

And for many businesses, especially online-based operations, the website used to sell your products or provide your service is something you should pay attention to. Once again, just because you don’t see the direct effect (much exacerbated by the fact that the actual hosting typically happens very far away from your physical location) doesn’t mean its not there.

Therefore if you subscribe to the fact that carbon emissions are a form of litter, than you should care about your website’s emissions even if they’re not in your backyard.

Improve company culture and employee retention

Being an ethical organisation contributes to a world-class company culture, which in turn attracts top talent, which in turn attracts loyal customers. Its a simple equation that has been well-explained by better people than me.

Environmental ethics are the next step of world-class company culture. They go hand-in-hand with diversity, inclusion, income equality, parental rights, and flexible work environments.

On the flip-side you also stand to create strong bonds with your staff and generate higher levels of employee loyalty. More and more people are looking to work for companies who have genuine environmental credentials. Caring about your environmental impact — including at the website level — is likely to generate stronger feelings of pride in your workforce and long-term reduce your staff turnover.

Promotion and customer loyalty

Not every customer cares about environmental issues but it’s a growing segment. And all indications are that it will keep growing.

Customers of all kinds are both being pressured to make more environmentally conscious choices and they’re becoming much more educated about the issues involved.

Being able to genuinely say on your website that your service is provided in a carbon-neutral way (even if its just the website for starters) will help you attract a new and growing group of people. If you want to think about it in pure economic terms, it’s the same reason companies publicise their sponsorships of local or global charities and groups.

There is also a first-mover advantage here. Being a carbon-neutral tech business is a not a common thing but it will likely become one. Acting early and being one of the first will make sure that you’re not playing catch-up down the line.

Additionally, you can use your environmental credentials to deepen your existing customer loyalty and improve retention. If you’re not sure how, your marketing department can probably come up with some neat ideas but, at a basic level, even including a short note in a regular newsletter or at the bottom of transactional emails can make an impact.

Ensure the industry’s sustainability

If you’re a climate emergency agnostic (or denier) then this bit is probably not for you.

But if you do think that human-made climate change is a problem, then you need to understand that its a growing problem. We have not yet hit a downturn in global CO2 emissions and while governmental policy changes are required for a that, personal and corporate responsibility are also a big part of the equation.

The unfortunate logical conclusion to this (without being too doom-and-gloomy) is that without collective action we are going to hit a point of significant disruption to what we nowadays consider “normal life”.

This includes the ability of online business to transact.

So if you care about your employees’ welfare and your ability to remain in business for the long-term, then paying attention to your carbon emissions — and this includes your website — is of extreme importance.