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Kickstarter Projects: Technology: Software

Regular Expression Laptop Stickers & Video GuideA collection of 8 high-quality vinyl laptop stickers featuring regular expressions + a video guide explaining regular Robert Elder MINPAS: Environmental APPsProtect the environment by learning, designing and Amedeo Minischetti Amitai Sela Programming TutorialsComputer Programming Tutorialsby Amitai Sela Noblic EngineMaking a simplest game engine on React Native for beginners and […]

How do I reduce my site’s carbon footprint?

Living and operating sustainably — as an individual and as an organization — is more than just recycling and eating better. If you’re operating a website, particularly if you’re a tech business, then your site has a carbon footprint that you need to pay attention to. In 2010, the internet was already estimated to be […]

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